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Who Can Use MCGA's Official Logos?

How the Mission Critical Global Alliance (MCGA) logos and names are used reflects on MCGA and your organization. To protect the integrity of MCGA brands, MCGA requires that those who use its logos are authorized users and follow the guidelines and defined herein. By using any of the MCGA logos, you agree to be bound by and comply with the following guidelines that apply to all materials not produced by MCGA.

Who is an Authorized User?

To be deemed an “authorized user” an individual or organization must qualify under at least one of the following categories:

  • MCGA Certified Individuals – Only individuals who passed one of MCGA’s certification exams may use the appropriate “certified” logo for personalized purposes (e.g., business cards, correspondence, letterhead, resumes).

  • MCGA Authorized Training Providers – The MCGA Provider Network consists of professional training organizations and individuals that deliver training in MCGA certifications using MCGA’s resources who may use the MCGA Authorized Training Provider logo for business purposes only (e.g., business cards, correspondence, website, advertisements).


  • MCGA Client Organizations – MCGA’s client organizations that are receiving training and certification services may use the MCGA corporate logo for business purposes only (e.g., company website and advertisements).


  • MCGA Joint Partnerships – Organizations that have joined forces with MCGA on specific initiatives may use the MCGA corporate logo for business purposes only (e.g., company website and advertisements).

Any organizations that are not authorized users and wish to use any of the MCGA logos must request permission by contacting the Marketing and Communications Department at

Standards and Restrictions

Alterations and Additional Wording – Alterations to any of MCGA’s logos are prohibited. The use of any additional words with any of MCGA’s logos must have prior written consent from the Marketing and Communications Department. All logos must be accurately shown in proportion and orientation. Distorting, reversing, or rotating the logo is not permitted. Any MCGA logo must not be incorporated into any other logo or symbol or used as a border. Authorized user(s) shall promptly cease and desist use or publication of any such materials to which MCGA objects.

Business Cards – MCGA only permits the display of its CMCO and CMCP logos on business cards of individuals who passed their exams and its Authorized Training Partner logo on business cards of individuals who are employed by members of the MCGA Provider Network. MCGA logos should be displayed in the lower right-hand or lower left-hand corner of a business card.

Clearance and Size – All logos should always be surrounded with a minimum of ½ inch clearance space between it and other graphic elements (e.g., typography, photos, illustrations). To ensure that the logos are always legible, the minimum size should be ¾ inch, and all logos should be displayed on a white background and the colors may never be reversed.

Endorsements – MCGA’s logos and names shall never be referenced in commercial advertising or similar promotions in a way that states or implies endorsement by MCGA of any products or services.

Materials – Logos can only be used as defined herein on your organization’s materials and they should never be located near or take prominence over your own organization’s name or logo on said materials.

Terms of Use

Authorized user(s) may only use the applicable logo(s) with respect to the activities within the scope of its qualification as an authorized user. All logos being used must meet MCGA’s applicable standards or requirements. If an authorized user is deemed disqualified, they shall immediately and permanently cease using all logos and logo-bearing promotional materials.

Authorized user(s) acknowledge, and will not contest, MCGA’s exclusive ownership of any and all of MCGA’s names and logos. Additionally, authorized user(s) acknowledge that it lacks and will not acquire any right to use the logos other than as specifically set forth herein. All uses of the logos by authorized user(s) shall automatically become the property of MCGA. Authorized user(s) shall not register or use any MCGA name in its own legal or trade name. Additionally, the authorized user(s) acknowledge, and will not contest, MCGA’s exclusive ownership of the logos, literature, certification and examination information, and organizational processes.


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