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Who Can Use CMCO & CMCP Credentials?

How the CMCO and CMCP credentials are used reflects on their individual brands, Mission Critical Global Alliance (MCGA), and your organization.  To protect the integrity of MCGA and its brands, MCGA requires that those who use the CMCO and CMCP credentials are authorized users and follow the guidelines and defined herein.  By using any of the CMCO and CMCP credentials, you agree to be bound by and comply with the following guidelines.

Authorized User vs Authorized User?

An “authorized user” is deemed as an individual who passed one or multiple MCGA certification exams (certificant), received the appropriate digital badge(s), and whose certification status is Active.

An “unauthorized user” is deemed as an individual who never took any of MCGA’s certification exams or whose certification status is Inactive. 

Proof of Certification

Process – Once a candidate passes an exam, Pearson VUE will notify MCGA’s Program Management Office.  Following the receipt of notification, MCGA will upload a print-ready certificate to the candidate’s account at  BadgeCert will issue the appropriate digital badge and access instructions to the certificant within 3 to 5 business days.

Digital Badges – are viewable to the certificant and those to whom the certificant provides his/her unique badge URL.  The badges serve as proof that the certificant met all of the certification program requirements.

Use of Credentials

Approved Designations – “CMCO,” “Certified Mission Critical Operator,” “CMCP,” or “Certified Mission Critical Professional” can be used by a certificant who received a matching digital badge.  No other designation nor usage is approved by MCGA.

Usage – Certificants may use their credential(s) on business cards, resumes, and signature lines.

Status – As long as their certifications are active, certificants can use the designation(s) and/or the URL(s) to their BadgeCert page(s).  

Expiration – If the certification expires, the certificant cannot use the designation until s/he is recertified.  Use of these credentials beyond the authorized period (without complying with recertification requirements) constitutes unauthorized use of the credentials.

Revocation – MCGA may revoke the use of any designation by written notice if an individual exhibits signs of misconduct, violation of its policies, or for any reason at any time.

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