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Senior Vice President
Head of Marketing and Communications
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Kevin Edwards is senior vice president and head of marketing and communications (marcom) for Mission Critical Global Alliance (MCGA), a nonprofit organization that facilitates the development and dissemination of educational and informational resources intended to upskill the current workforce and to cultivate the next generation of professionals engaged in securely and safely operating mission critical infrastructure while protecting the physical and economic security, health, and safety of the public. 

With Kevin’s extensive background in strategic planning and implementation, branding, and launching new business offerings to answer market needs while complementing existing capabilities, he was instrumental to the creation and launch of the MCGA brand.  He continues to lead the organization’s marcom efforts while ensuring overall brand integrity.

Preceding MCGA, Kevin served in B2B/B2G professional services marketing, business development and change management. During that time, he played central roles in several major strategic initiatives responsible for tens-of-millions in domestic and international sales.  Kevin is also recognized for revitalizing struggling businesses through strong leadership, teamwork and innovative strategies while developing and bringing several new consulting business offerings to market and rebranding initiatives to success.  His extensive background and accomplishments span the US, Canada, South America, Australia, Asia Pacific, and Africa.


As a respected counsel and leader in the marketing field, Kevin has notable expertise in business strategy, operations, and community engagement that are complimented by his ability to analyze complex situations, identify improvements, resolve core issues, and move initiatives forward.

Kevin co-authored a paper that focused on the assessment of major international companies with respect to global effectiveness – analytical skills (pricing, market analysis) and behavioral skills (negotiation, language, culture and cross-cultural conflict resolution).

Kevin holds a B.S.B.A. from Duquesne University.

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Kevin Edwards

About MCGA

Since its founding, leaders in business, government and industry have turned to Mission Critical Global Alliance as a trusted resource dedicated to enhancing the resilience of mission critical infrastructure.  As a nonprofit organization with expertise in advocacy, skills standards development, education, research, workforce development and professional certifications, we help protect the physical and economic security, health, and safety of the public.

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